Luke Bryan Jokingly Reveals The Secret To A Quick, Successful Photo Shoot

Photo: Getty Images

Social media influencers, take note! Luke Bryan has cracked the code to a perfect, quick photo shoot and was kind enough to share his secrets with the world. The "Buy Dirt" standout told CMT that the photo shoot for the cover art of his latest single, "Love You, Miss You, Mean It," went seamlessly and only took 10 minutes!

"I did my own makeup for that one. We're backstage, and there's people everywhere. We had to kind of blur them out, but the photo turned out to work."

The icon explained that he is not a fan of photo shoots that run into his fishing time.

"I get so busy out there that we start running behind on photo shoots. There's nothing's more frustrating than (spending) a good fishing day at a photo shoot. So when … this actually worked, I said, 'That'll be the new template for photo shoots from here on out.' I'll do them every day as long as they're 10 minutes long."

The icon's latest masterpiece, "Love You, Miss You, Mean It" was released on April 5th and is a nod to "vintage throwback Luke stuff." The lyrics detail a relationship that fizzled with youth, but fate had different plans for the future. Bryan did not write the song, but can relate to the lyrics as he and wife Caroline broke up after college and found their way back to each other.

"How many people have had the high school sweetheart that they broke up with and wound up living the story of getting back together and stuff like that. I think the song just spoke to me on all those levels."

Bryan's Mind Of A Country Boy Tour is set to kick off in Calgary, Alberta next week and will continue through the middle of September with a final date in Tampa, Florida.

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