HARDY Opens Up About Emotional Moment With His Wife After His Bus Accident

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HARDY shared a sneak peek of an unreleased song he wrote for his wife, Caleigh Hardy, inspired by the moment they privately shared their wedding vows when they tied the knot in October 2022. The award-winning singer-songwriter noted when he posted the snippet of the song on Wednesday afternoon (May 29) that he married Caleigh only a few weeks after a tour bus accident that resulted in “significant injuries.”

“This song is called ‘Six Feet Under (Caleigh’s Song),’” HARDY, whose real name is Michael Hardy, shared in a video on Instagram. “It was inspired by the powerful moment I shared with my wife, Caleigh, exchanging private vows before our wedding ceremony. That was an emotional time because our wedding was a few weeks after the bus accident that almost took my life. Sharing those vows privately with Caleigh was the single greatest moment of my life.”

In the lyrics, HARDY sings that he thought he wouldn’t live through the bus accident, but it wasn’t death that scared him. It was the thought that he’d never see his wife again.

Caleigh wrote as she shared the video on her Instagram story on Wednesday that she “had a full blown meltdown” the first time her husband played “Six Feet Under (Caleigh’s Song)” for her. “This song means the absolute world to me. Michael and I cherish that moment on our wedding day more than anything and everything, so to hear those feelings and emotions written in a song is truly an inexplicable feeling.”

“Six Feet Under (Caleigh’s Song)” is one of 13 tracks that will appear on HARDY’s next album, Quit!!. The project will also include a few previously-released tracks, including the title track, “Rockstar” and “Psycho.” HARDY announced earlier this month that the album will arrive on July 12. Listen to the sneak peek of the song he wrote for Caleigh here:

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