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Randoms-Pumpkin Flavored Milk, Top Attractive Qualities in a Person, & More


  • Navy Day: It's a day to salute all the men and women who have served, both past and present, in the United States Navy.
  • National Black Cat Day: It’s NOT a day to be superstitious, but, instead, to celebrate these beautiful felines.
  • National American Beer Day: A good day to drink an American beer.


What are the most attractive qualities a person can have? A global study of 14,000 people in 45 countries found that the three most attractive qualities a person can have are: Kindness, intelligence and good health. (Best Life)

Do you miss the office? A new survey found that two-thirds of respondents miss going into the office. And what do they miss most about it? Being face to face with co-workers, office gossip, their desks, and going to lunch. According to the survey, these are the Top 10 Things Workers Miss About Their Workplace:

  1. Being face to face with people
  2. The office banter
  3. Simply asking someone a question out loud rather than messaging
  4. Working in a team
  5. Their office desk
  6. Hearing office gossip
  7. Their office chair
  8. Catching up about people's weekends
  9. The printer
  10. Lunch breaks with colleagues (SWNS)

Financial fears …It’s a time for all things spooky and scary, and according to Wallethub’s Halloween Spending and Financial Fears Survey

  • 130 million Americans think the coronavirus is the scariest thing about Halloween this year.
  • 39% of people are not celebrating Halloween this year because of coronavirus.
  • 88 million Americans are more scared of being out of work than of COVID-19 or the vaccine for it.
  • 40% of people are more afraid of credit card debt than coronavirus.
  • 22 million more people have nightmares about money this year than last year.
  • 13 million more people are scared about their kids’ financial futures this year than last year.
  • Nearly one-third of Americans think their finances are a horror show.
  • 85% of people are somewhat fearful or very fearful of the current economy.

Think you’ve seen every pumpkin-flavored product? Think again. Apparently, there is such a thing as pumpkin pie-flavored milk. Yep, a dairy brand called Rutter's makes a limited-editionpumpkin-pie flavored milk. (Delish)

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